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"Reconciliation through the Power of Storytelling."

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About Pink Lnu

 Pink Lnu works to decolonize learning in an effort to incorporate traditional Mi'kmaw teachings in our lives. We work with our clients to foster a sense of belonging, create connections, and (re)build sustainable communities.​


To be a lead reconciliation, equity, and inclusion educator in Mi’kma’ki
(the traditional territory of the Mi’kmaw nation). 


Pink Lnu is dedicated to providing quality education and training sessions through the lens of traditional Mi’kmaw teachings. 


         TRUTH                 RESPECT                 UNITY                  EQUITY        

To provide education on our untold history and always tell the truth.

To have respect for yourself
and all beings
on Mother Earth

To foster relationships
with the goal of unifying diverse communities.

To work towards equity within Mi’kma’ki and across all nations globally.


Who is Pink Lnu?


I'm an Ktaqmkuk Lnu with relations from Maqtukwek, living in Kjipuktuk, Mi'kma'ki.

I believe that authentic reconciliation is possible via the power of storytelling. Whether it's facilitating a workshop, conducting a webinar, or through a public speaking engagement, I tell my personal story to encourage audiences to make positive changes in our communities. 

As the host of the Pink Lnu Podcast, I provide an Indigenous platform for intersectional stories. My goal in this endeavour is to give marginalized folks, from different walks of life, the space to share their experiences.

I'm also working on my MA thesis, which is a content analysis on news representations of Missing and Murdered Indigenous People (MMIP)'s cases through a Two-Eyed Seeing, anti-colonial lens.

In my personal life, I love to cook, paint, and watch anime and drag with my spouse. Together with my partner, we have a mini-zoo of fur babies, including a dog named Sherman, a cat named Louis, and a bunny named Beatrice (Bea). 

What We Do